Direct Support Professional Job Description


To be a facilitator ensuring that all individuals are in integrated, dignified and respectful environments and receive necessary supports in order to be active in their chosen environments. These supports to the individuals will be provided with dignity and respect according to their personal preferences and in accordance with MidState Arc, Inc. policies and with State/Federal mandated laws, policies and regulations.


• Maintains a positive attitude and belief that all people employed by MidState Arc, Inc. are responsible for quality and outcomes

• Strives to continually work as an active, productive team member to assure success of the individuals and the Agency utilizing enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism

• Follows and demonstrates the philosophy of MidState Arc, Inc. and adhere to MidState Arc's and DDS Policies and Procedures.

• Ensures all individuals served are living according to their rights and responsibilities, and are free from abuse and neglect.

• Ensures individuals served live. the life they want the way they want it as outlined in our philosophy

• Develops a relationship with the individuals served that is respectful, based on mutual trust and that maintains professional boundaries

• Represents the agency positively and professionally. when interacting with individual served, co-workers, employers, their employees, families and other community members

• Provides advocacy for individuals served based on their personal choices.

• Communicates effectively, clearly, and positively with individuals served, families, staff, supervisors, and all community members

• Adheres to MidState Arc, Inc. and DDS Policies and Procedures

• Takes responsibility for any issues noted and demonstrates the ability to actively problem solve by seeking, developing and implementing viable solutions

• Ensures confidentiality as required by law and MidState Arc, Inc. Policies & Procedures

• Attends, completes and demonstrates competency in all applicable MidState Arc, Inc. required trainings

• Takes responsibility for safety hazards in all areas including but not limited to programs/residences and vehicles;---Staff' will shovel, spread sand as needed in order to provide safe walking surfaces

• Ensures that the individuals plan is carried out as outlined in the written plan, programs, schedules-and··other documentation

• Provides advocacy for individuals served based on their personal choices

• Ensures that each individual served becomes involved in their community utilizing staff and natural supports according to personal choices

• Ensures all individuals served are living according to their rights and responsibilities and are free from abuse and neglect

• Will be flexible when needed to transfer to another program/residence

• Maintains valid CT Driver’s License with acceptable driving record with personal vehicle that is properly insured and valid/current registration, throughout the entire time of employment with MidState Arc, Inc

• Supports each individual serviced in taking care of their life needs, i.e. home, finances, personal care, proper nutrition, medication, socialization, recreation, and all daily documentation

• Performs other duties as designated and assigned by Supervisor/s.


• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

• Ability to analyze situations, develop creative solutions, act quickly and remain calm in a crisis

• Ability to obtain and utilize CPR, First Aid, PMT, Medication Administration Certification within DDS guidelines and to remain in compliance throughout employment.


• Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds

• May be required to participate in repetitive lifts and transfers

• Required to perform behavioral interventions and techniques on a daily basis.

• Some sitting with frequent walking, standing, pushing, pulling, bending, and driving.


• Ability to meet frequent deadlines and handle stressful, hectic situations without loss of efficiency and composure.